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Contact: Ruby Wong 
Phone: +86 18667885661
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We are skilled manufacturer and knowledgeable exporter for LED light, and with nearly ten years experience in export business, we have grown into a high efficient team to serve and provide our customerswith a extensive range selection of high quality lighting fixtures at competitive prices.
All the LED products are made by SMT assembly and Lead-free automatic dual wave soldering ma-chine . We are able to ensure innovation quality goods with CE certification and RoHS compliant . Furthermore, we are continually expanding our product range to meet changing market trends and we welcome OEM and ODM orders.
Working to meet our corporate aim of "good quality and service, mutually beneficial cooperation" , we are also committed to continually introducing new technologies into our manufacturing processes, If you are interested in experiencing our services for yourself, or wish to receive any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us .
We hope to establish and maintain a long-term successful alliance with you in the near future.

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