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What are the major factors affecting solar street lighting?
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Solar street lamps are directly proportional to visual intensity. The actual pavement surface diffusion directly reflects the roughness of the surface as long as it is convex. Such a point includes surface brightness, point illumination and light incidence angle, surface reflection characteristics and investigation of azimuth function. So even if different points on the road are illuminated, the location related investigators will have different brightness.  

Solar lampboard production materials have a vital impact on their life. Generally, in the 25 years of laminated toughened glass packaging solar panels, solar panels are stacked for 5 to 8 years, with epoxy resin packaged solar panels for 2-3 years.  

It provides a comfortable and strong visual environment for road users. In the evening, road users, the first impact of road lighting is to ensure traffic safety. Because of the serious consequences of vehicle speed and attack problems, it is first necessary to ensure that the driver's visual task needs.  

The solar street lamp panel is used to receive energy attacks from solar street lamps and collecting sunlight directly, which is also an indispensable part of the solar street lamp system. Generally speaking, solar panels can be divided into interlayer toughened glass packaging, pet laminated packaging and drop glue packaging.  

The following aspects evaluate the relationship between the driver's visual different companies and the road lighting parameters, which directly affect the driver's visual solid elements: the brightness of the objects near the road or the road, the scenery in the road, the size of the identification objects and details, the brightness contrast between the objects and the settings; the car is on the road Brightness contrast surface and environmental survey, useful time for investigation objects; degree of glare. According to the above factors. Then determine the influencing factors and requirements of road lighting quality. Setting the basis of the lighting parameters, brightness, an object can be seen, resulting in visual reactions. Because of its luminous eyes, more light and stronger sense of vision. The illuminance of the surface is used to investigate the amount of light received per unit area of the target surface, and the investigator can not directly give visual power.  

As for the user, it does not depend directly on the illumination and shadow of the surface, and depends on the brightness. The road on the surface of the lighting only reflects the luminous flux of the pavement condition, and does not reflect the state of light reflection on the road, so it is not a direct reflection of the quality of road lighting. In the range of vision, the visual function of drivers directly affects the picture of different brightness.  

It is closely related to the quality of road lighting and the vision of drivers. If companies improve their eyesight, bait must be taken. Therefore, the evaluation of road lighting quality begins with the visual basic factors affecting the drivers and the requests left. Visual firmness includes two aspects: visual function and visual comfort. Visual function refers to the driver's function of seeing objects, the change of their visual field, and the physiological effects of vision in normal condition. The visual environment of visual comfort refers to the attack of road lighting, and drivers feel very comfortable mentally.  

Therefore, as long as the concept of lighting brightness is set according to various parameters, talent requirements are excellent visual strong sexual satisfaction. Since 1940, the world has begun to assess the visibility of road lighting systems, brightness and the increase in 70s. Recognition and other probability functions can be summed up as evaluation targets to reflect the quality of road lighting of solar street lamps more objectively and more completely and accurately.


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