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Why does lighting need to be designed?
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Why should lighting also need to be designed? Let's talk directly from a simple house. The basic function of the house defines the use function of different spaces in the house. "Lighting is not the light"! Yes, this is the idea of countless people, bright enough, and what design is needed. This way of lighting is to use the least number of lamps and try to use the cheapest way to achieve the brightness required for life. So we often see the following way of lighting. It does use the least light to provide very uniform light to meet the basic needs of space use, but what is the feeling of this lighting situation? High efficiency and cheap.

But is that enough? Let's describe it. Can the ceiling lamp of your bedroom relax and rest for you? Toilets are basically the same as public toilet. Why can't see it? The light is up and down, and the face will have shadows. If you want to make up and shave, will the light be enough? The courtyard and the doorway need not be said, basically will not take into account these.

"Let's see what the design lights will do," we put the space on the lamp again. Get ready to turn on the lights!

Compared with the front, we find different experiences in different space, then there is a question to ask you, since we pay attention to the decoration and furniture, why do not pay attention to the lighting? In the bedroom, we furnish a light belt, hit the ceiling, and provide the basic brightness for the whole space through a diffuse indirect lighting; the floor lamp provides a uniform light for the interruption of the whole space, and the light is soft throughout the space. The human nature of the toilet is designed to provide reading lights downward, indirect lighting up the entire space upwards, and light to illuminate the face in front of the mirror. There are floor lamps in the study, lighting in the middle of the rear, and desk lamps on the table. The dining room is equipped with chandeliers to define the regional space of the table, focusing on food. The living room provides light for display, and the upper part of the TV is equipped with a lamp groove to provide diffuse reflection for the whole space. The courtyard lights up trees and lights up the trees in the dark. With the change of light source and luminaire, lighting design can create a comfortable and attractive visual environment for your space, not just enough.


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