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Analysis of the development of LED lamps and lanterns in the next ten years
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Since 2010, global LED general lighting has developed rapidly, and many countries have issued relevant policies to promote their application. China has introduced a series of LED lighting application promotion measures, such as "ten cities and thousands of cities", the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of housing and urban construction, the Ministry of transportation and transportation, and the Ministry of transportation and transportation to bid for the application of the demonstration project of semiconductor lighting products. The industry's most concerned LED lighting price subsidy policies are also coming out, LED lighting lamps have already been used. Step by step into the stage of large-scale application.  


First, China's lighting market is huge, and its products are mainly traditional lamps and lanterns, such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. According to the sales volume of lamps and lanterns, LED lighting in the general lighting market share is less than 1%, is far from becoming the mainstream lighting products. The application of LED lighting in China is more than road lamps, tunnel lights and other aspects. As a whole, the application is behind the main lighting markets in Europe, America and Japan, and the application market needs to be supported and promoted. In addition, compared with the market demand, the specific implementation of standards and specifications is still insufficient, which has caused obstacles to the promotion of LED lighting applications.  


Two. The foundation of lighting industry is very strong. China is the largest producer of lighting and light sources in the world. According to the statistics of the China Lighting Association, the national incandescent lamp production in 2010 is 3 billion 800 million, and the fluorescent lamp output is 6 billion 690 million, of which 1 billion 830 million are straight tube fluorescent lamps, 1 billion 800 million ring fluorescent lamps and 4 billion 430 million CFL. In 2010, 174 million HID lamps were produced nationwide, of which 56 million were high-pressure mercury lamps, 54 million were high-pressure sodium lamps and 63 million were metal halide lamps. At the same time, the consumption of lighting fixtures in China is mainly provided by domestic production enterprises, and the share of imported products is less than 5% in China, and nearly 70% of domestic production is used for export. The good lighting industry foundation not only provides a reliable product supply for the domestic market application of LED lighting, but also provides a very good support for the domestic LED lighting industry to improve the cost performance of LED lighting by scale effect.


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